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Our Story

“Khichdi Ke Chaar Yaar-Dahi, Ghee, Papad aur Achaar “

“Khaye Jaao Khaye Jao Achar Ke Gun Gaye Jao..”

We grew up listening to such proverbs about making our food interesting with
various accompaniments and Pickles or Achars have been the lifeline of all meals.

The process of making pickles has been a very elaborate one, where generations of ladies
used to get together for the annual ritual of making Achars! Grannies chatting
around and churning out the recipes, the daughters or daughters in laws following
instructions, the little girls playing around and picking on the fruit or vegetables with
an occasional friendly banter but loads of laughter and smiles amongst all!

The aroma of the cold pressed mustard oil, the terrace or the backyard strewn with
yards of mulmul cloth to tie the Barnis loaded with the goodness of the pickles.
The sounds of the pounding and grinding of the spices, the washing and cleaning of
the vegetables or fruits, the polishing of the Barni coupled with the laughter and
smiles and the tinkling sound of the glass bangles, the humming of folk songs...oh!
Those were the days, the grand ceremony of making pickles.

The men folk were fed on a daily diet of these mouth watering pickles and the
women loved smacking their fingers after a great meal with pride savouring the
spices and tanginess of their creations!

However today in the hustle bustle of the multitasking urban woman, this elaborate
ceremony has almost faded away, a daunting task indeed, but the taste and
memories with which we all grew still lingers! In the age of packaged and fast foods
and preservatives, the taste of authentic handcrafted pickles are a rarity to find.

Rina a technocrat brings back that very Handcrafted Happiness of authentic
traditional pickles back to your table respecting fully  the busy schedule of today’s
Woman but promises to fulfill the cravings of Real Authentic Achar for the whole
family...with the taste that we all grew up with. 

The taste that reminds us of our traditions and pickles which are inspired by age old
Bihari and regional recipes for you.

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