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Bharwa Poora ka Poora Aam Achaar

This achar is a piece of art and labour of love at Rina’s. The raw mango as it comes with its beautiful contours, is cut open with a precision just that much that it holds the fullness at the bottom. This then is filled with roasted masalas and then dipped as complete mangoes in an ocean of cold pressed mustard oil and the Barni is kept underground for months without disturbing it.



When mature the beauty of this Bharwa Aam Ka Achar is breathtaking! Retaining its freshness, the green cover turns a beautiful mehendi colour and the flavours of the masala go deep inside.



Use your fingers to cut a quarter out and feel the magical taste as you pair it with dal chaval, poories or mathris and relish this handcrafted wonder from Rina’s.

Pure Organic, No Preservatives, No artificial  Color



Available in 200g of nett weight of pickle in individual pieces .

Bharwa Poora ka Poora Aam Achaar


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