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Mausam ka Jadoo - 4 in 1 Pickle Hamper (100gms)


Its the beginning of Winters 🥶 and it is the season to be warm & to eat warm.. Rina brings to you her Unique Handcrafted exotic Achar that is extremely good for your health for fighting the cold - this Winters! ‘The Green Garlic Leaves Achar’ 🧄 🍃 ~ Hara Lahsun ka Achar💚. Garlic leaves are filled with Good Nutrients that helps keep you warm in this cold cold winters.. The pickle masala is blended with spices dipped in pure cold pressed mustard oil - Kachche Ghani ka Sarson Oil which is perfect to keep you going to beat the chilly weather. It's a great #ImmunityBooster to keep ur cold n fever away ✅We have taken care of ur morning breakfasts A cup of Chai, Parathas, and Rina’s Green Garlic leaves ka Achar! 🍃🧄.. A perfect combo , this unique exotic pickle has fresh baby pods of garlic with fresh garlic leaves making every bite of it just super tasty and healthy. 🤩

Mausam ka Jadoo - 4 in 1 Pickle Hamper (100gms)


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