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Nimbu Khatta Meetha Makhana



Makhana or Fox Nut is a superfood with many benefits. It is rich in protein and dietary fiber, cholesterol free, rich in antioxident, gluten free has low sodium content.

Imagine the "chatak " flavour of Nimbu Khatta Meetha on your favourite superfood! The sweet sour spicy Makhanas will make you drool over the crunchy heavenly bites! The spice of red chillies and pure garam masalas with rock salt! Ahem! Do we say more ??


Ingredients: Makhana,

Lemon Juice, Rock Salt, Organic Sugar, Spices and Cold Pressed Mustard Oil.


Net Wt. 75g | Calorie 35 M.R.P.: 165/- (2.3 per g)

(incl. of all taxes)

Nimbu Khatta Meetha Makhana


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