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Pachranga Achar

It's raining Flavours this Monsoons! ☔️

🎈Season Greetings! #NewPickleAlert 🚨

Get the taste from the region of Panipat!

Rinas brings to you her season special ~ PANCHRANGA ACHAR! 🥕🥭🌱

Pachranga achar is a speciality of Panipat! With a mix of vegetables & fruits to add spice , it adds taste &health to our parathas and breakfast! specialises in traditional and healthy pickle recipes, has cherry picked the ingredients that make this Panchranga Achar so very special!

📌Exotic Lotus stem, colourful healthy carrot , king of pickles mango , spicy green chillies , tangy juicy lemon mixed with healthy Julian ginger makes this pickle exotica!!

The aroma of fennel, mix of pepper , cumin, fenugreek and magical spices in purest healthiest cold pressed mustard oil makes it irresistible!! 😍

Pick up your jar , open it gently and gorge on this amazing Rinas Pachranga achar with hot crispy parathas and chai this Monsoons!! Tasty and healthy veggies !

Need we say more? 😊


📌Shipping All over India 🇮🇳

📌 No Preservatives

📌 No Artificial Colors

📌 Available in 250 g, 500 g & 1 kg jars full of flavor

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Pachranga Achar


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